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Originally Posted by inthemood View Post
Apparently you don't have the same device as adbosch, so you don't really know what you're talking about, do you, besides being unnecessarily rude.

As you have probably understood, I totally agree with adbosch, as do a lot of the readers of this forum (including Booxtor) as far as the absolute necessity of a firmware dedicated to the firefly is concerned.
I actually have a I62HD, my girlfriend has a Firefly.

I do agree, icons are too small. BUT, I knew that before buying it because I (and every one who buy a I62HD I guess, because it's no trivial choice) documented myself.

Icons are small but for me, everything else works fine or as expected. I find myself very happy with my choice.

Booxtor is responding, when he can / want.

We now know that we can't trust him with deadline because he doesn't keep them, BUT, progress is 1) visible 2) on the way.

Constant moaning about always the same subject is unconstructive, useless and TOTALLY depressing.
You want Booxtor to give a fcuk? Give him some credits.
You want him to stop helping and forgeting this piece of hardware and go with the new one? Continue.
That's what you'll win.

You bought a piece of hardware and an OS as is. Everything else is bonus. You don't owe anything else if you don't help. You don't pay him every month.

That's my point of view, I hope am not trolling nor being unecessary rude.
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