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Originally Posted by ereadingdotcom View Post
So, if you could have some "dream features" built-in to a new bookstore, what would you like to see?
An excellent, flexible search feature. For example, when I pick through science fiction books I really, really don't want to be faced with all those Star Trek and Star Wars novels.

Direct download to a PC via a browser. If a store wants to have an application to "assist" some customers, fine, but don't make it mandatory for the rest of us.

No DRM. I get rid of it now, but I'd rather not have to.

A range of formats to keep everyone happy. Epub should be one of them.

My library on the company's website should pesist. I should be able to re-download the books as many times as necessary.

Samples would be greatly appreciated. I'll buy books by some authors right away, and other authors I'll buy after reading a short description of the book. For others, I can be convinced to spend money if I can read X number of pages and decide that the book is intriguing.

So, what about social networking? 'Absolutely zero interest' is an understatement. I'd like it to be available for people who want it, but it shouldn't be slapping me in the face at every turn.
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