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I'm not sure if the Kindle Fire that I bought recently was from this ebay deal specifically, but it was a KF and it was $119.99 - the ebay listing is for "Amazon Kindle Fire 8GB, Wi-Fi, 7in - Black (Latest Model)". This was purchased for my 12 yr. old son, so I've not really used it, but I personally do have a KFHD and to me, the KF that he just got off of ebay as a refurb. seems like it's a 1st generation, not a 2nd ('latest') generation as the ebay listing states. The UI/home screen is a bit different than the carousel that's on my KFHD. His kindle is on my Amazon account and I was able to take a look at his serial number and it starts with D01E B0A0.

Does anyone know whether that's a 1st gen. KF or a 2nd gen. KF serial number prefix? It doesn't matter too much as he is happy with it, it seems to work well, and it came with a free leather case - so for the $119.99 that was spent on it I think that it's still a good deal.

Thanks for any insight!
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