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EPUB validates, and breaks in iBooks


(Duplicate of this post, because I wasn't sure which forum would be more appropriate.)

I am a bit baffled. Been building EPUB books that validate without errors/warnings in "epubcheck", which work just fine on my Nook, various applications including ADE, convert to .mobi using Kindlegen... No problems at all.

Then today I tried them on an iPad and everything looks just very broken

- In portrait mode, the text on a page is cut off on the right side and it seems they indent too much on the left side of the page. Some work in double-page landscape, but some also cut of in landscape mode.

- They seem to have empty pages inserted after each short page-chapter. I use chapters to enforce a page break, and so (in the beginning of the book) there are short one-page chapters with a dedication and such. Each of those is followed by an empty page.

- Looks like the cover image is a page of its own, but not on the actual front cover of the book. I mean that the book (in iBooks) doesn't open visually, it is already open with a cover image rendered onto the first page, and I just turn the page like any other page.

- The weirdest thing though is that none of the chapters render for more than two pages. The chapters of the book should be many pages long, but only the first two are rendered, followed by the next chapter!?

I am lost here, to be honest. I didn't use any iBook specific tags/tricks, and I (wrongly, so it seems) assumed that a validated EPUB is a "safe enough" implementation. Wrong, huh?

Has anybody seen the same issues, similar issues, and can offer tips and experience regarding their solution? Any help and insight is appreciated :-)

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