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Why, hello there!

Hello everyone!

My name is "Helenium Autumna". I mean, of course it isn't actually, but you know. Internet awkwardness and all.

I stumbled upon this site looking for some sort of book recommendation community. Please correct me if this isn't the place. I was inspired to join this site after having my mind blown by a book I read the other day on Smashwords. It was really good, and it was FREE!! That got me really riled up to find more quality bargains, so I began digging... and came up empty handed. My previous discrimination of free ebooks as crippled attempts at language came rushing back to me. Still, I won't give up yet, because:

1. I like reading
2. I'm a poor, poor college student

I am a very picky reader, though. I have a an entire process for vetting paperback books before I buy them. I spend too much time on amazon reading excerpts and book reviews before I purchase. I am also a very quick reader. I have to be careful when I pick up a book because many times I won't be able to put it down again until I am finished! Mostly I like fantasy (not vampires or unicorns or zombies or any other creature that's already been invented) because I like how it opens the doors for creativity more than a realistic fiction novel would.

That said, the two novels on my to-read list are:

1. Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You, by Peter Cameron
2. Code Verity, by Elizabeth Wein

Anyway, it's nice to meet you all and I hope we can be friends! Any good free ebook recommendations while you're here? Or, you know, I don't know my way around this site yet, so if you could recommend some recommendation threads, I'd appreciate that as well!
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