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should I switch VOX to ARC (or something else)

my vox is okay, I think I've just learned to deal with the issues,

batterylife comes and goes, sometimes I can have it sleep and still have full charge, sometimes not

it factory reset itself less than 1month ago,and since then "googleplay is shutting down unexpectedly" happens often
and the factory reset messed up some otherthings

Ive uninstalled alot of apps and things since it was sluggish, but it didn't help

and there are someother little things that it does that it didn't used to

But I did buy an extended store warrently, and it does cover batterylife, so I could call the 1-800#, they would send me labels to ship it back and once processed I would get $ to spend.
is this a case of devil you know vs the devil you don't.
(I could splurge and put the money on something else as well, like a ipadmini)
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