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@NiLuJe Outstanding work, thank you again. Love the pinfo-Option, now I have a reason to keep the lock on.

I've looked at cover-extract and saw that it would trivial to change the "if found" text, but would it also be possible to fix special characters? Right now t display an "" as "00FC". (I don't get the 00. FC is in latin 1, but in UTF-8 it would be c3 bc - 00 fc is the codeposition, though.)

Edit: Strange: After adding another line to my personal info, it gets rendered correctly, with an umlaut.

Alternatively, you could make somthing like this:

if [ -s "pinfo" ]
pinfotext=`cat pinfo`;
pinfotext="If found....";

For myself, i just edited cover-extract on the kindle and started it again, but my changes didn't cause anything. Did I miss anything?

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