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Originally Posted by Andy_T View Post
Where is he living? Europe? US? Canada? Asia?

IMO an advantage for the Kindle DX over the other two might be that it has a 3G modem built in, so you can download amazon books (and very many free books that are available via amazon) without a separate internet connection. If I am not mistaken, it even has a web browser and allows you to access the internet via its 3G card.
He lives in France. 3G isn't really an option though, because he lives "out there" in the mountains, and cellphone calls aren't always going through that well (you have to walk around the top to find a right spot, etc). The plan is to use two micro-USB cards in turns: he will send me by mail the list of book he wants, and I will send the card back. He goes to town at least once a month, so he can pick up his mail then.

Originally Posted by Andy_T View Post
One more consideration: the e-ink screen of ANY e-reader is highly sensible, dropping it once can already result in the glass substrate breaking, rendering it useless. Make sure to always use a good cover and treat it with care.
Duly noted, thank you. Normally it should stay on his table.
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