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Siege of Terra

Hello everyone!

My name is Robin MacMillan, and I'm a newly published Author that just put up the book "Siege of Terra" on Amazon. Now i know there is a lot of traffic here on this site so that's why I'm posting here. A lot of people ask me, how hard was it to write? I say its easy, its promoting your work that's the hard part.

Here is the blurb for the book.

In the early twenty-first century Earth is finally overcome by famine and pollution. Humanity is forced to unite and work together to save themselves. It took nearly two centuries before they succeeded in their mission: Space. They left Earth behind hoping to begin again on another world: Terra. Terra was a solution to a problem. Humans thought they were alone...The fate of the human race rests heavily on the shoulders of Colonel Mavrik Woods. Mavrik thought he knew who he could trust...

So please, check out my book, i would love to get some reviews going on.

Robin MacMillan.
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