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How to stop Calibre changing location numbers

I am using a Kindle Touch to read and note texts books purchased from Amazon.

The noting is part of the research I am doing for a PhD. I use Calibre to convert the books to help overcome the hideous problem of limitations on the My Clippings file.

I use Klippings Kollector to review, edit and comment on the notes extracted from the EBook.

As the noting is part of my PhD accurate citations are important and this is where I have found a problem.

In the Kindle version of a book teh following quote appears at location 866.

"Thus the emergence of the concept of taste in the seventeenth century, the social and socially cohesive function of which we have indicated above, has connections with moral philosophy that go back to antiquity."

When I went to the location in the Calibre converted version teh quote was not at that location. I found it at location number 1200.

This is a serious problem from an academic research persepctive. Citations must be accurately given for a particular edition of a book. If the Calibre version does not refelct the Kindle locations then it is useless for my research.

Is there a way of maintaining the same location points when a book is converted?

Thank You

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