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Post Scifi thriller Electronic Gags now available in kindle store

Below is the blurb of the technothriller "Electronic Gags"

The Ten Districts of America, once known as the United States of America, is ruled by President Brandon Ward, the world's most powerful dictator. The Ten Districts has little hope of achieving democracy. When President Ward decides to use hi-tech methods of repression, the American people lose all hope of attaining freedom. The Ward regime is at the height of its power.

Freddie Young is an overweight wildlife biologist who spends most of his time in the wilderness. But his life changes when the CIB, President Ward's ruthless intelligence agency, arrests his best friend, Michael. Michael's mother accuses Freddie of selling her son to the CIB.

Freddie must prove his innocence and save Michael. Time is running out. Michael is now on death row in the Ten Districts Maximum Security Prison.

A chain of events joins Freddie with former member of the Police Special Branch, Jennifer Rodriguez. Both are on the run and the police are after them with orders to shoot on sight. Although the odds are heavily against Freddie and Jennifer, Freddie decides against skipping out of the Ten Districts. He wants to fight the regime and save his best friend from death row. Jennifer dislikes Freddie the moment she meets him, but as they stay together on the run, she discovers that he is a wonderful man.
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