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Plugging on

"I Couldn't put it down;" are the words a writer wants to hear, and I heard them this week about Control Escape.

Iceline and Control Escape are available at Smashwords and elsewhere. Check them out; a good read for the price of a good cup of coffee.

Iceline - Two weeks holiday in Scotland stretched into weeks as a missing person. He turned up battered, bruised and bloody, dumped on a mountain. He'd crossed a line without knowing his enemies. He was sure of his friends and wanted answers. The Iceline had been broken and the secret was out. This time Steel was ready for trouble.
Iceline is at

Control: Escape -Steve Arkwright jumped a firewall and his life fell apart. The men in suits gave him an offer he couldn't refuse. After years of jumping hoops and someone looking over his shoulder he wants to change things around. The gilded cage is tarnished and he sees the prison. He wants out and finds allies at The Grange, Steel and Langhers are drawn in to his plans and have their own agenda.
Control Escape is at

I have a third book, a work in progress, as a free download
What You Ask For is at

A bit of tomfoolery on a hot summer afternoon, an uploaded video and an opportunity to apply pressure. Jessica was Michael Spear's weak spot and pressure was applied. Ransom demanded and Steel was asked to make the delivery. Delivery wasn't on his mind, he was going in to collect and someone would pay.

What You Ask For started off as the Nanowrimo entry last November, and is still going. feel free to help yourself to this one, I would welcome any feedback you might have on any of them.

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