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Normally I leave my Wi-Fi off so I can read up on the update before I download it but my Kindle Touch is not getting this update. I've turned the Wi-Fi on and connected to my network, but the Update Your Kindle option was greyed out. I synced and restarted it but it was still greyed out. I left it connected to the charger with Wi-Fi on overnight but it's still greyed out. And the Device Info says the firmware is still at 5.1.2.

Does anyone know why my Kindle might not be updating for me? It isn't hacked or jailbroken at all. I sideload books with Calibre all the time but that's it. I don't even break DRM, though I use Calibre to rename some books. I don't want to manually update the firmware in case there's a reason it won't update it and I break it. Should I risk it anyway? Is there anything else I can do first? Thanks in advance!
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