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A big issue with The Walking Dead Comics.

Okay, this will be a long one. Maybe I can get a little help with this.

I recently got a kindle and decided I was going to buy a few Volumes of The Walking Dead. The Kindle's capability of comic reading is quite good, and as the comic series is in black and white, it didn't bother me about the one color scheme.

However after buying one volume from the kindle store - Almost fifteen pounds - I decided I'd download the rest of the volumes through 'other means'. I've downloaded all fifteen volumes but there is a problem.

The ACTUAL volume I bought from the kindle store actually highlights each panel due to the small text of the speeches. Here is an example:



So the big difference here is that the ACTUAL Kindle-store bought editions have automatic zooming of each panel of a page after the whole page is shown. This is extremely useful due to the extremely small text. I believe MY downloaded editions don't have this feature because the volumes were just converted from CRZ to MOBI format.

What I'm wondering is, is there any way to manually edit the downloaded versions of the comics in order to create a function like the kindle-store editions?

I apologize for the size of the pictures. I'm just curious about this. I'd also like to state I do own the physical volumes of The Walking Dead also, I would just like to have E-versions too for long trips etc. etc.

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