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Originally Posted by frostschutz View Post
I won't make such a script, because it's dangerous. The internal partition has very limited space, and putting wrong/too large files there, could cause a brick. Besides there is no point as the images work fine where they are with this mod.

What are you hoping to achieve with it anyway? If it's an anti-theft measure (your name branded into an image they can't remove), there's no point; a thief won't give back a device just because of that. Screensaver can pretty much be disabled anyways. Plus there are ways to reset the images (either with the screensaver-undo, or some firmware files provided by iriver, the ones that don't brick your device anyway).
I have two iriver that I'd like to customize by changing the screensaver, without having sparse files in the drive.
I thought that if the images work fine with your mod, the iriver story can be changed internally without problem.
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