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Thank you so much for this new homescreen!! Just installed it and works great \(^o^)/
We are finally able search for more than 3 currently reading books!

Actually I find the original homescreen/ menu a real drag as it isn't very flexible, or not at all, and instead of browsing I find myself mostly jumping to books I already know in advance I want to read...

Don't know until how far you can customize it, or if you're still working on it, but these features are highly missed:
* ability to add a book synopsis; seriously, why in the world do we have to open the book (it automatically goes into the "currently reading" pile too) in order to recall what it is about and if we want to read it at that specific time? Isn't this a basic feature or am I looking for it at the wrong place?

*ability to mark a book as "read" in order to differentiate between "currently reading" and fully "read". Sometimes we re-read the same book several times, but it's still "read", right?

*on that note, ability to mark a book as "currently reading"; like before, opening a book doesn't mean we are actually reading it, does it?
It would be outrageous if there was like a percentage bar or page numbers, like 76% read or 36/566 pages read or something like that.

*OK, this one is probably downright impossible and I understand this isn't calibre, but like the poster above mentioned, it would be awesome to be able to differentiate between collections, categories and tags, not to mention series and anthologies... I know it isn't impossible to do with collections alone, but it's really limiting and I don't really understand why...

Maybe all of these are impossible anyway, but still thank you again for the homescreen! It's already a lifesaver!!
Sorry for the long post.
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