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Here is my first reply.

Have changed my page-break code to be:
<div class="pageBkBe4">&nbsp;</div>


I have introduced the &nbsp; between the <div class="pageBkBe4"></div>

I found this works perfectly in Bluefire Ebook Reader run on the iPad 2.

It is however ignored by Kobo Ebook Reader run on the iPad 2.

Do Ebook Readers work differently?

Has anyone has similar experiences with different Ebook Readers on an iPad or a Laptop?

Would really love to know.


The simplest way to force a page break is to use a separate HTML file. Each file always starts on a new page in compliant readers unless you explicitly override page-break-before on the body tag.
Could you explain this a bit more please.

How does one place separate HTML files within Sigil to get appropriate EPub output?

Can anyone help explain this ?

I have always created separate HTML files per Chapter but flowed this as a single XHTML file in Sigil when converting to EPub.

What am I doing wrong?
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