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Kindle Fire Demo Unit...Remove Demo 'Software'?

Not sure exactly where to ask this (or if its even allowed here..if not can a mod just delete?)

So anyway I got a Kindle Fire, but its a "demo unit". It has this this demonstration software/thing that auto-runs when you turn it on (and all settings are locked out).

My question is: Is there a way to hack/root one of these and simply 'turn off' the auto-running demo? Or if that can't be done, esentually delete/re-install the OS? (hopefully being able to save the existing audio/etc files off it)

I tried google'ing some. but couldn't really find anything...I saw some info on installing google stuff but on a normal fire. I'm not looking to install anything like that on it, just set it back to being a normal kindle.
Oh and if possible gain access to the 'hosts' file (assuming a Kindle has one).
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