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M92 Programmable MP3 Player For Autosuggestive learning

I am sure many of you have heard about the methods of learning while sleeping. Originally this was used primarily to learn languages while asleep, because that is mostly a mechanical and automatic function of subconscious mind, and there is not much need for logical thinking. But this has been extended for other fields of science as well and it is not limited only for learning languages.

The method is very simple: The material to be memorized is recorded, and it is played back several times during the night while the student is asleep. The same process can be used to reprogram our own subconscious mind to our liking. Phobias can be eradicated and released or at least weakened, and new positive affirmations, subconscious programming can be implanted for effective self development.

Since M92 has got inbuilt MP3 player capability, low power consumption, and silent operation, it could be the ideal device for the purpose. All we need is a programmable MP3 player that runs on Linux and can be installed on M92. I am almost sure there is no such program available of shelf right now. But it is very simple to create such a program from scratch, or by extending an existing one. I could write such a program easily in VB.NET but that would not run on Linux unfortunately.

I hope to rise some interest and create a demand for such a program, so that we could motivate a Linux programmer to do it for us. It would be absolutely fantastic and very rewarding to exploit our M92 for this purpose.

The program has to be able to play several MP3 recordings at specified programmable times. You can imagine a time table where in each row you enter the start time at first, and then the name of the MP3 file to be played. The table can contain several such lines which will cover the play list for the night.

If you have any suggestions how could we get such a program, or if you are interested to have such an application, please comment.

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