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Word Doc to ePub to iTunes Producer.

Hello everyone! I'm a longtime lurker, first-time poster. I've read and read and READ through the forums but cannot find an answer that is specific to my question. So here it is.

I have a correctly formatted Word Doc. By "correctly" I mean that it passes Smashwords just fine and is meticulously formatted (again, only through Word). I want to use iTunes Producer to get it going through Apple myself (not through Smashwords). So I converted it to ePub with Calibre, and with Calibre's viewer it looks beautiful and 100% correct.

There are no images in the file, no complicated coding or crazy HTML or CSS or manual coding or anything like that. The only sort of complicated thing is a hyperlinked TOC and a couple of hyperlinks to the author's website. I thought it would be pretty straightforward to get it up on iTunes.

But I cannot for the life of me get it to deliver to Apple! It passes validation just fine, but then I seriously get something like 35 error messages. It is panic-inducing and maddening. I don't even know how to address one of them, let alone 35! I don't know what to do about it, even know where to start, really, because I can't find any thorough guide on how to do this beginning to end with a Word document. Every guide I see has stuff about different files to modify and code to change, and I just don't think that pertains to me.

So, what I'd love to know is if anyone knows of any "must-do" list for successful iTunes Producer deliveries when creating ePub files with Calibre from Word Documents.

I also have access to and limited experience with InDesign and ADE, and can recreate the book with that, if that is a better, more stable way to deliver it.

I feel like I'm flailing here! And I pride myself on being able to figure this stuff out, and I'm pretty tech-savvy, so this is utterly maddening. Any help is appreciated (even if it's only a sympathetic ear!).

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