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That is a bit sad. I suspect a combination of intermittent (so they may not have been able to observe the problem at all, despite your accompanying photographs?) and the fact they're unlikely to have any spare components, or indeed spare stock.

For my part it's been some months since I've seen the problem manifest, and while it was annoying when it happened, it would usually clear up after 10-20 page turns (or the next time I went back to use the device). I've probably done about 3,000 page turns since I last saw the problem, too. So I'm hopeful the problem stays away, or at least doesn't get any worse than I've seen it.

And yes, an alternative 5" device would need to be sought - thanks for the heads up on the Kobo hint - it's probably more palatable to my other half than stealing her 360+ when she's not looking.

But tell me - your 360 is simply not usable, or you just think it's not long for this world?
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