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Originally Posted by Agama View Post
Did you get any errors reported with the book on validation? (The validator at is very good). I know you have since bought a fully working book but I'm interested in what may have gone wrong.
Thanks. The 'dodgy' epub had 15-20 errors listed by Sigil's FlightCrew and the URL you suggested.

The 'good' epub also had (fewer) errors listed by both epub checkers! Go figure!

My Sony reader is quite unforgiving with any errors in a book but I have never had them from a conversion, only from my own meddling.
Apart from Calibre conversion to epub (which added some standard CSS commands to use Times New Roman fonts on my PRS-T1 - which I always do) I don't think I've 'meddled'! But my T1 still dislikes one epub, but not the other (which has fewer errors).
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