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Originally Posted by JeffElkins View Post
If your Reader will autorun an SD card, the easy solution is to run Igorsk's Universal Flasher and wipe your current firmware. Run the Flasher, choosing option 7. Then, run the Sony Updater. You can get the Universal Flasher by clicking the link in my sig.

Otherwise uncompress the Sony Updater (it's really a big zip file) and change the file prs505/eBookUpdater/assets/updaterAssets/PRSVersion.dat so that 110018040 reads 110018041 - once that's done, the Sony Updater work at any time.
Nope, my Reader won't even get to the menu, so Igorsk's UF won't/doesn't work. Do I use WinRAR to uncompress 'PRS-505 Updater', then open the .dat in notepad? EDIT: ARRGGGHHHHH, it simply says 'it is not a valid win32 application'. Something to do with me in Vista? I'm already running as admin with WinXP SP2 compatibility... Would you mind editing the file for me and uploading it to Rapidshare or something? That would be great!

Anyone? PLEASE...

EDIT3: My bad, my bad, you uncompress it, change the DAT, and run the exe INSIDE the uncompressed exe (folder) Now 'updating'... hope it works!!! Thanks a lot dude!

EDIT4: THANKS! It's working again, thanks to JeffElkin's Updater edit!

Mods feel free to delete this thread, or keep it in case someone else has the same problem.

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