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PRS-T1 skips paragraphs etc in a specific epub.

I recently bought an ebook and converted it to EPUB to read on my Sony PRS-T1 following my customary procedure, which has always (until now) produced EPUBs that the T1 displayed legibly - with no text or artwork skipped or displayed incompletely. (I'm talking about 70-odd such ebooks.)

The dodgy EPUB would read fine for several pages. Then, on turning the page, I'd find the next paragraph completely skipped, or apparently shifted up vertically so that only the last 2 or 3 lines of it were displayed. Going back a page and then forward a page reproduced this issue exactly. Closing the book and re-opening it and going to the same page led to the same problem at the same point in the book. Changing font and/or font size seemed to cure the problem (the missing paragraph would reappear). But, after reading for several more pages (in the new font), a different instance of the same issue would crop up. I should also say that Calibre reader displayed the EPUB without any issues, as did Sigil.

So, I bought another copy of the book this time in EPUB format. And the good news is it reads flawlessly in the T1.

I guess the moral I draw is always buy the book in your reader's native format, unless it either isn't available in that format, or it is but costs more than you're prepared to pay!
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