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Originally Posted by jgaiser View Post
So you infer, because you think it's important *and* because there are thousands of users, obviously *many other somebodies* must think it's important.

Ok, that makes sense.
Important ? Useful !
I have a personal usage scenario which I have described in the first message. I suppose other, which don't express their opinion here, could have the same usage scenario.

Since neither you nor I have usage data it is in the sixth sense of the developers to imagine if the feature could be useful or not.

Like anyone else I am attached to my opinions and this is a fault of every human being. Yes, I could fail, I could not express the opinion of other people, I could be strongly wrong but at the same time I could be right...

Please, never consider what I write as universal, dogmatic, imperative. I have made only a Feature Request :-) and I am open to conversation.
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