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Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
No there isn't and there never will be.
But there could be, and I wish you would reconsider. Please see below.

Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
In MOBI, the metadata toc is the content toc.
Not necessarily. The Kindle Previewer app (which reads only MOBI, EPUB, HTML and OPF formats and emulates the oldest and newest Kindle devices), displays the metadata TOC ("NCX View") for MOBI files that have it. I was buying Kindle books in AZW format before the AZW3 came out, and after extracting the MOBI from the AZW, the resulting MOBIs all had metadata TOCs.

Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
Clicking the go to table of contents button in a kindle takes you to the content toc, not the metadata toc. That may well have changed with newer kindle firmware, I haven't kept track, but it nonetheless means that the vast majority of MOBI6 files have complete content TOCs and incomplete metadata TOCs. For instance, many MOBI files have flattened versions of the toc in their NCX Tocs.
I've been using Kindle Touch since 2011. Selecting GO TO takes you to the metadata TOC.

Only a few of the Kindle books that I've purchased lacked a metadata TOC, and I returned them because the absence of a metadata TOC disables the Kindle Touch's chapter skip functionality.
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