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Author Sorting ePUBS on Kindle

I'm new to the Kindle Fire HD and to Calibre. I've found Calibre very powerful and certainly very useful but am struggling with something.

I have a few free ePUBS that I want to read on the Fire HD using Aldiko rather than converting to mobi or some other natively supported format.

I like Aldiko better than the Kindle Reader and find it more useable and the task of converting ePUBS to the KR both now and future ones isn't attractive.

The problem is that on the Fire HD, ePUBS are sorted by the author's first name rather than the surname. The commonly recommended cure for this in mobi files is to use author_sort rather than author in the output preferences, but this isn't available for ePUBS.

One feature that Aldiko has is to long press the book and from the resulting menu, the details of the book can be found such as author name, tags and reviews/comments.

Swapping the author_sort and author in the metatag obviously affects how the book details are displayed (Lastname, Firstname) which although not a total disaster doesn't look very nice, although it does sort the books by the surname (because the name in the author field is backwards - Lastname Firstname). This also affects how the Content Server displays books which at the moment is (correctly) Title by Firstname Lastname

Mobi books obtained from Amazon are sorted correctly as are mobi books sent from Calibre when the output prefs have been switched, so it seems to be something with the way that the device interprets the ePUB meta.

Is there any way to sort by lastname whilst keeping the book details correct.

A great piece of software by the way and a very informative site.
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