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Cheap ereader with audio support


Have just started looking for a new ereader and a little overwhelmed by the choice. If someone can advise that would be fantastic - if not, no problem I'll do some more googling!

I'm just wanting a basic ereader for my young daughter - main purpose to have books available even when we travel round the world, which we do pretty regularly. I was just going to get her the basic Kindle at 69 (particularly as I have the Kindle Keyboard and have always been reasonably happy with that - other than browsing for books). However, I noticed there is no longer audio on it - and the secondary purpose is to be able to play audiobooks (eg from LibriVox) and classical music for her other studies.

Are there any inexpensive ereaders with good audio? I don't mind what kind of navigation it uses (button / touchscreen), I don't mind book format - though would prefer one that reads mobis to save converting all the book I have (though I can do this okay), it doesn't need to have its own light, standard battery life and storage. Don't mind about brand or anything - so long as it's compatible with Calibre and won't fall apart the first time I look at it.

Any advice appreciated.
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