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Originally Posted by Akirainblack View Post
PeterBr do the "self rolled" have a cover? If not it obviously can't display them. Try using calibre to copy them to a PC and have a look, if they don't have a cover there then you can add one from within Calibre and transfer it back to the Kindle with the cover.
Yes, they have a cover. The epubs display on iPad just fine, calibre shows the cover in its own box, the covers are named cover.png and declared as type cover.

I have a better grasp of epub than of calibe and mobi, though so I either simply convert to mobi and have it copy them via USA to the device using the GUI calibre or do use the shell:

mobi=`basename "$epub" '.epub'`".mobi"; /Applications/ "$epub" "$mobi"

/Applications/ -u XXXX -p XXXXX -r XXXXX -s "'$epub'" -a "'$mobi'" SENDER PAPERWHITEEMAIL
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