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Works like a charm - but not all covers shown.

First: Thanks for the screen saver hack. I usually don't have much use for jailbreaking, but I could never understand why Amazon wouldn't allow this simple customization.

That said, the hack works like a charm, once I understand that one has to spend 30 seconds in a book to have its image getting generated and placed in the screensavers/ folder.

However, not all covers do show up. All Kindle-bought books worked fine, but I've got a couple of self-rolled epubs converted to mobi via calibre and some other 3rd party epubs converted to mobi which do not get shown.

Apparently they are mostly the same which do not show their covers in Cover View mode on the Paperwhite. The ones that show their cover - even when marked as "Personal" (or whatever its in English) in the bar at the bottom of the cover - work fine.

There are a view that don't show their cover in Cover in Cover View, but nontheless produce a working cover for the screensaver.

What confuses me is that some of come from the same basic epub template. They have the same structure, naming convention, css - just the text and the bitmap data in the cover.png are different.

I guess it's how I converted them, but I can't find out what to look for.

Any ideas?

Also, is there a way to get rid of the "personal" bottom bar of my own documents? I can understand that Amazon wants to push their own books, but it's quite ungainly.

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