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Originally Posted by Elfwreck View Post
Didn't know its storage capacity or filetype support. That convinced me that, even if it *did* have the features I consider bare-minimum for purchasing a new ereader, I didn't want to buy one from them; obviously, I wouldn't have access to any support for it.
When I was in B&N looking at the Nook Simple Touch, I had a few questions (storage capacity, type of DRM, etc.)

The guy doing Nook sales told me that the NST had no on-board storage and that all books would reside "in your cloud." (At this point he sketched an expansive rounded cloud shape in the air with his hands.) I already knew this wasn't true, but I asked him what happened in areas with no wi-fi access. How could one read books? He frowned slightly but then shrugged, as if my question wasn't all that important.

The next question was about B&N's DRM. He claimed that he'd never heard of DRM. After my explanation he said, "So it's to keep people from printing them out?"

I excused myself and escaped, and went off to browse the pbooks for a while. On my way out I saw that he'd found several new victims and was making the cloud gesture again.

He was still employed there, doing the same thing, more than six months later.
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