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Originally Posted by Rakku View Post
I'm having a wonderful time trying to unbrick my Kindle 3G with the keyboard. My original Kindle was replaced under warranty after I (not very cunningly) dropped it and smashed the screen. The replacement worked for just over a month, and now I'm out of the warranty period.

Not long after a "Your Kindle is Updated" notification, I noticed that the Kindle would increasingly not wake up from the standby screen (slide switch to wake) and I'd have to hold the sliding power switch to reset it. Later on, it began to freeze on the main menu before you could get into a book. It's now been stuck on the main book selection screen for hours. When connected to a pc it comes up as "SE Blank RINGO", and disconnects/reconnects fairly regularly, or when you slide the power switch.

I have installed the libusb-win32 drivers successfully, albeit on Win7 64 bit. It's version, which claims to support 64 bit. "SE Blank RINGO" says it is working properly on Device Manager. I have charged the Kindle using first the original charger, then a 2.5A iPad usb charger, and charged the Kindle for a day. The amber light does go out, but there is no green light when you slide the power switch.

I have run MfgTool, but no entries appear on the list to apply any further options. So here I am stuck. I'm fairly sure an update has gone wrong, so I believe this Kindle can be unbricked. I am fairly technical, but I am having trouble understanding how to proceed from here.

Is anyone able to advise out there on how to proceed? I'm off to Africa on the 20th January for over 2 months, so I'm very keen to get it working again!

Many thanks;

Thank you for the replies regarding this. In the end I found that if I left the Kindle alone, then charged it from what was presumably a flat battery, it would restart. I was able to do a factory reset before it crashed, but unfortunately it would still hang even while on charge and with no content. This was a recent replacement Kindle, and it started going wrong with a recent software uipdate. I called Customer Support, and they quickly realised it was toast and replaced it under warranty. I was out of warranty for the original Kindle, but I can only assume that the replacement had its own and I was within that period. The assistant on the phone seemed to think it was a software fault, and not hardware. Once in the lengthy factory reset operation, it carried on without a hitch, but once on the main Kindle screen even with wireless off... crash within 30 seconds.

Anyway... So new Kindle now, and all is well.

Thanks again!

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