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Let me see now - remind me why you are doing this then?

Also - you are keeping the device on a charger. Correct?
You have also read that it does not charge well in Diags mode. Correct?
I may have misrepresented what I meant with "Kindle Main... booting as it should". I meant to say that, when I do, it gets out of Diags mode and goes back to Demonstration mode, which I treat as "bricked". I no longer sell Kindles at work, so I'd rather make it a functioning device.

As far as it being charged, whenever I'm done tinkering with it, I put it back in Kindle Main mode and plug it into its saleroom display. I make sure the buttons are functioning (when I put it in fastboot mode, it freezes the screen). I just think it looks prettier cycling through its screensaver.

It charges through a wall socket, not through my computer. I let it drain until the "plug device to power" page shows up, and keep it plugged in until the light goes green (I know I shouldn't consider the light as an accurate measure, but it takes two or so hours to charge, which is as long as my personal Kindle of the same model.

Incidentally, the battery does not last as long as my older, personal Kindle (it actually may last a week, rather than a month), but I thought that was because it used to be plugged in 24/7, and since it refreshes pages a lot in Demonstration Screensaver mode.

Do you think I need to replace the battery anyway?

At the moment, I've got it plugged in and will probably leave it on overnight, and won't try playing with it until tomorrow (it had been fully charged when I started doing this, but it's been, what, 48 hours now?).

Thank you for asking me what I had to elaborate on. Maybe I've finally given an important clue I may have dismissed as unimportant.
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