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Readers for Touch

Hi all,

Enjoying my new 622 Touch very much But I have some issues with the stock readers.

It seems the AdobeViewer doesn't allow you to change font or margin sizes through the settings - true, or am I missing something here? I was able to increase the margins and set another preferred fonts using a UserStyle.css as described here, and now it is very usable, although I would like to be able to use the settings menu.

The stock FBreader is much nicer, customizable fonts (but not in all books), possible to set margins etc. But it has one big problem: in quite a few books the text becomes centered instead of justified, rendering it useless for those. Is there a way to remedy this?

In the user tips sticky FBReader180 is mentioned, but the latest version here is dated Feb 2011, will it work on Touch?

I've also seen CoolReader mentioned a lot, but on this page I see no mention of 622, is there no version available yet?

What I'm after is mostly to be able to change font, margins etc through the settings. I don't care about features like "wrist turn".

Most of my books are MOBI source that I have converted to EPUB with Calibre.

Thanks in advance.

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