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JLH3 began at the beginning.
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My two latest are available for Kindle.

The Lake House ($1.99) - When a couple goes away to fight for their marriage, they little expected it’d mean fighting for their lives. A potboiler of sex, violence, marital strife, and a couple under siege. Note: This is a novella of 25,000 words, or approx. 100 printed pages.

Goliath ($2.99) - Flora Lichtman had it all – the boyfriend, a job with the storied law firm of Bart, Grabek & Morse and upward mobility. But when hard times threaten to shutter the firm, everything turns upside-down. Salvation comes in the form Jack Jarvis, the notorious schmoozer and rainmaker, who promises to turn it all right-side-up. But Jarvis is also a prima donna and when Flora finds herself assigned to ‘mind’ him, she sees firsthand the fool’s errand this stroke of genius can be. Goliath might not be fit for polite society, but it’s never less-than entertaining.

Don't be afraid to check them out - hope you like 'em!
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