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XML 1.0 vs 1.1 does it really matter?

Most of the documents that I convert to ePub are Word docs with heavy formatting. Many times these are training/user manuals with small paragraphs, bullets, italicized and center headers and so on. If I have a XML1.1 document and I have a paragraph that is centered with <p align="center"> this gets flagged by FlightCrew, however if the XML is 1.0 it does not get flagged, I understand why it gets flagged in XML 1.1 (certain hmtl tags are being phased out) but my question is does it really matter if I use <p align="center>? Whether I use that or a CSS class to center the section it is centered either way. The reason I ask is that when if I copy and paste a paragraph from word to an HTML editor the centered text is designtated with <p align> Its not that difficult to create classes and do a find replace to the <p align> tags but why spend the extra time if in the end it works even though Flightcrew flags it.
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