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Lightbulb Change Request:: Add hook to select View Manager view for Duplicates list

First off, I have been able to save countless hours using your plug-ins. They are well written, well documented and easy to use/configure. And as an extra bonus, you fully support your plug-ins as well by providing valuable feed back and guidance on the threads. For this, I thank you.

I use most of your plug-ins, but this request concerns Find Duplicates and View Manager.

Would there be a way to add a hook into Find Duplicates which would allow a View Manager view to be used when displaying the found duplicates?

I have added numerous custom columns and use View Manager to allow me to view my book with difference columns/sorts (even with my resolution set to 1920 x 1080, I can normally only fit about 7 - 10 columns per view). I have added a view with format and quality columns which is helpful when determining which duplicate to retain. If I forget to set the view before I run Find Duplicates I then need to re-run Find Duplicates again after I set the view (due to sort of the view being applied which messes up the dup groupings). If the Find Duplicates plug-in was to switch to a specified View Manager view before processing/displaying dups, that would save some time.

Thank you for your consideration.
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