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Simplified Cataloging of Authors?

It's great to be able to generate a catalog of our books. Perhaps I have too many books, but I find the listing of authors less than optimal. When I view the catalog in Calibre and expand the Authors section of the TOC on the left, I see a bunch of entries, on the left, of the form "Authors beginning with A," ... "Authors beginning with Z." I would greatly prefer to see the actual names on the left.

When I click on an entry like "Authors beginning with A," the window on the right gives me a lot more than just the author names. I also see titles and series. There, or somewhere, I would like to see just the author names.

I don't mean to suggest there is anything wrong with the authors, series, and titles being shown together on the right. I guess what I'd like to suggest is the ability, somewhere, to see a list of the author names and nothing more, with the ability to view an author's works by clicking on the author's name. Am I missing something?

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