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I wouldn't say even the small tablets really "fit" in your pocket. The 7" ones would fit in any small bag, though.

To be quite honest, I think you might be interested in a large screen smartphone - most of these have decent web apps, or have dedicated RSS/news reading apps you can download, and will definitely fit in your pocket. Most large screen smart phones now have 4" or larger screens, which is only a little bit smaller than the 5" ereader screens - the 5" ereaders like the Kobo mini/Cybook Opus/etc are probably the only actually "pocketable" ereaders, and they suffer from the same browsing difficulty as all ereaders.

If you're interested in a tablet crossover I think the only one is the Galaxy Note? Maybe there's other ones out now. It's got a 5 odd inch screen but is still small enough for the average pocket, and would have a much better browsing experience than an ereader.

Hope that helps

EDIT: And on the reading note I think there's reading apps eg. from Kindle or Kobo for most operating systems of tablets/phones, or you could find a non-associated epub reading app, I'd imagine.

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