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I use both the Find Duplicates and Import List plugins; both have helped me streamline managing large lists of ebooks.

One thing I need to do is separate out Sci-Fi authors from all the other authors, independent of any tags.

I presently do this the long way around, as I can't see a way to do it in Calibre with these plugins.

1. I have a spreadsheet with a column containing over 1,900 sci-fi author names, and varients on their names.

2. I export a given batch of ebooks to a directory, with a folder with each authors name.

3. I then use a Windows utility to copy the 'name of the folders', and then paste that list into the spreadsheet and do a compare there using the vlookup function.

4. I take the resultant 'hits' and make a new list that is the sci-fi authors only.

5. Using that list I maually cut & paste each of those authors folders into a new folder for sci-fi ebooks only.

As you can see it is a bit tedious!

My attempt to make Calibre/Find Duplicates work is to create a "Library" in Calibre that contans a list of my 1,900 sci-fi authors. Using two columns only, the Author column (one of interest) and a dummy Title column containing "Various Titles" for every author.

Ok, then I get a new batch that I want to sort out the sci-fi authors from, so I do a "Library Compare" and select my Sci-Fi Authors List. I can't use title to compare of course, so I select "Ignore" for the Title, and "Similar" or "Exact" for the Author.

However, when I use "Ignore" for the Title, it does not generate a list of books where the authors matche! i.e. I cannot get a list of ebooks I can "Select All" and then save to their own directory like I can if I do a normal compare for Author AND Title normally.

If there is a way to make it work like this, I sure can't see how! So, yes, I would like to see a feature that would allow this unless it is already there and I just can't see it.

Thanks. And apologies for the lengthy post; just wanted to make sure I explained the issue/need for this capability!

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