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Originally Posted by MrWarper View Post
Oh, there are more direct ways to destroy it... As for measuring battery behaviour, we have a neat 500Kb log now.
So, you basically have no time to write a whole new firmware? I must admit I kind of saw that coming...

OK, seriously, if you ever get the battery programming bug give me a call -- I should have a DR working for as long as it takes for the next generation to appear...
The discussion has moved to reprogramming and now the DR becomes just a machinery instead of a capricious girl of a sort. :-)

Got a question to ask...
How does the Onyx Boox M92 compare to the DR 1000?
I have seen that people are complaining of its performance with .pdf files.
But in general is it comparable in any sense to the DR 1000, I also see from its component sheet that performance wise the device should be practically similar to the DR 1000 capabilities. For some reason its slow reading of pdf files is not something which I will be ready to swallow at all.

Is it wort investing in it, or should I just wait to something at least comparable to the DR 1000 in respect of pdfs to appear on the market?
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