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The state of Mobile Video

2005 could go down as the year mobile video started to gain traction due to numerous product announcements and content distribution deals. The most notable of these announcements was in October, when Apple released the new video-capable iPod combined with the availability of popular TV shows at the iTunes Music Store. Since Apple's announcement, news of competing mobile video distribution deals has been coming fast and furious.

An article at iMedia Connection entitled Mobile Video: Present and Future takes a look at mobile video and mobile-TV, detailing many of the challenges that the mobile entertainment market will face both near and long term:
  • Bandwidth issues
  • Competing technologies
  • Streaming vs downloadable content
  • Control: Content providers vs wireless operators
  • Apple vs everyone else
  • Consumer ambivalence
  • Pricing

Notably absent from this list was the mention of Digital Rights Management (DRM), which will inevitably play a major role as content providers attempt lock down and control how, when, and where consumers use their content.

Read the full article here.

[iMedia Connection via MocoNews]
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