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Question How to preview first EPUB embedded image (not cover page!)

I have following "library cleaning operation" ongoing : bad cover / good cover not correctly embedded.

Some of my low-quality epub books have cover images, which are incorrectly embedded on the book first page : aka not on a separated cover html file.
- some of these images are correct cover-images, that i'd like to keep as correctly formated covers. To do this i use Sigil, split the image on a dedicated html file, and mark both file and image as being covers.
- Some are images which i do not want to keep. Also with Sigil i just suppress them.
- some books have a cover, and also an embedded image on the first page, resulting in "double cover" (identical or not) when viewing.

--> Is it possible to bulk browse the first page of multiples ebooks, so that i only need to open the relevant ones in Sigil ?

What didn't work so far :
- windows explorer doesn't seem to be able to generate previews on epub files
- in calibre i browse easily the covers, but not the first book page. So even if i delete the covers (eather in calibre or editing the ebook itself) i doesn't help.
- Sigil or other viewers i tried only opens 1 file at a time, and don't do previews
- I don't want to blindly use the calibre function "remove first image" as some books have meaningful "non-cover" images, like map, artwork for chapter and so on.

Best method i could think of yet : set calibre to open ebooks with sigil, open ebook from calibre main list, check in sigil, work if needed, close sigil and repeat with next book.

While the book is open in Sigil i also use the opportunity to eventually split some title page, introduction, license page or the like from the book itself, so i guess whatever the preview method i'll keep using sigil to make the actual changes.

(Some books have images correctly defined as covers, so i manage them easily with calibre : i preview them using the cover Browser, and accordingly keep them, replace using fetch metadata or even suppress and replace with a generated jacket.)
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