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Thank you very much! Your so suggestion is of great value. I will think over your suggestion, and try to to follow your recommendations to improve the program.

The following explains a few questions :
  1. About installing .NET: The installation program could automatically determine whether need to install. NET. In fact, most of the PC has. NET, so it will not repeat the installation. Installation Guide has been given the relevant statements. Nevertheless, your advice is right --- "he or she can decide if it should be added or not."
  2. About the MS Word: EpubSTAR have two functions: Text-to-EPUB and Word-to-EPUB which the former does not require pre-installed MS WORD. Without MS Word, we could generate completely epub eBook with Text-to-EPUB function of EpubSTAR. Now, I am developing version 3.0, and it can generate EPUB ebook, with Word-to-EPUB function and without MS WORD.
  3. Security software problem of false positives: It is said that for a Chinese anti-virus software that contains malicious tendencies. In fact, most of the users haven't this problem because without installing that anti-virus software.
  4. Oxen's style download problem: You are right and the Oxen's style has been integrated in the program (in the "css" subdirectory). But the style sheet file is updated frequently, but EpubSTAR infrequently. Therefore it is necessary to download and update the new versions of Oxen's Style and other built-in style sheets.
Thanks again for your valuable advice, I will work hard to improve the software to facilitate the needs of the e-book lovers.

Originally Posted by Arios View Post
You are welcome Oxen!

By the way, I read on web site ( the requirements needed for EpubSTAR (ES) and, frankly, it is far too demanding!

Here is why.

  • Regarding .NET. Well, many win users have already it, so it's not a big problem. But that does not mean that all win users would install it on their computer just to use ES.
  • In my opinion, this is not a good idea that ES can automatically download .NET. I think it is imperative to ask the user before, so he or she can decide if it should be added or not.

"Install Microsoft Word. If you want to use the feature of "WORD to EPUB", Word 2003 or higher version is also required." [Quotes are from the by-smart web site]

Pardon me Oxen, I really don't want to be rude, but this is a bit ridiculous. I do not know how much it cost for a genuine copy of Word where you live, but in North America and Europe:
  1. it is an expensive piece of software;
  2. there are other free and good options like OpenOffice or LibreOffice;
  3. and, possibly, many users don't care about it (MS Word).

So you share a tool that is not able to works completely by itself! Too bad! Oxen, why not include support for odt files?

"temporarily close the related security software"

Frankly, nobody will disconnect his firewall to install this kind of program: this is not a safe option.

"because EpubSTAR need to download data such as Oxen's styles"

Not very good either here. If ES needs these files, they must absolutely be included within the program.

Sorry Oxen, but as it is currently configured, I could not install EpubSTAR, even if my previously reported problems were resolved.

Good luck anyway!

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