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Thank you again for the help - all my grouping is setup and works splendidly - much easier than anticipated. Still trying to solve the TOC issue but am pursuing in the Calibre Conversion thread. Your response was specific and to the point and I very much appreciate your taking time to help. Calibre Companion is an extremely useful app!

Originally Posted by chaley View Post
The best thing to do is post the question in the calibre Conversions forum. There are people who monitor that subforum who are far more expert than I am in the ins and outs of conversion.I assume that you want a group that doesn't already exist (authors, titles, series, publishers, tags).

You create new groups by creating custom columns in calibre that contain the grouping data, and then telling CC to make a group from that column. For example, if you wanted to maintain the genres of your collection, you could follow the instructions here to create the custom column. You would then tell CC to make a group from that column by entering the lookup name (probably #genre) into the box found in Settings/Make groups for custom columns.

It is also possible to make groups for sony-like user categories as described here. However, this is generally useful only if you want to specify a non-default sort or rename the collection. If you want to do this, then you would enter the column lookup names in the smart device driver in calibre (preferences -> plugins -> device interface plugins -> smart app). I recommend you go the straight custom column route unless you are familiar with how Sony's manage collections.
You are welcome.
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