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My bad. I am using this in a column: formats_modtimes(date_format), which in the manual says its for the modification times for formats of a book. Thats the calibre date column right?

I'm already using Updated date in a template to show me days since the update, so I will just use that instead. Thanks for the help!

Edit: Actually I think I will just stick with just updating new chapters only. I can just run a metadata only update once a month or something to see if any stories get canceled or put on hiatus.

Edit #2: When I run 'Update if New Chapters', the 'Downloading metadata for stories' window suggests that it is downloading the metadata for all stories. And then the plugin goes and downloads only stories with new chapters. And finally it applies the changes and metadata only to those stories with new chapters.

If this is the case, then like how there is a checkbox to only update if the story is new in custom columns, can there be an additional one to to update the column regardless of new chapter? (I am probably off in my assumption on what the plugin is doing during the 'Downloading metadata for stories' section. )

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