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Originally Posted by JimmXinu View Post
Correct. The names say it all--"Update EPUB if New Chapters" only updates if there are new chapters. "Update Calibre Metadata Only" updates the metadata only. Sounds like what you want, however, is "Update EPUB Always".
This almost works perfectly for me, thanks! Not just for updating metadata, but it looks like it will also weed out any 'story already has x chapters' errors as well.

The only thing now that I have a problem with is a modtime column that I use to help tell when each story got modded last. When using 'Update Metadata Only', these times don't change; but when I use 'Update Always', they all change, regardless of a chapter update. I assume this is because when only metadata gets updated, only the opf file gets written and the epub is left alone. And with 'Update Always', all the epub's get altered as well.

Do you know of any way I can go about having the metadata for all stories be written alongside only writing to epubs that have new chapters? If not I will just find a way to tweak with the modtime column, since this is almost exactly what I wanted.
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