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Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
Hmm nothing comes to mind that could cause crashes with a combination of Win8 and SSDs. It's likely something else you have in common. Unfortunately the number of variables is so large that it's rather hard to guess what that might be.
I finally concluded I had gone as far as I could to 'isolate' the problem. I did a complete Windows 8 "Reset", using the "Thorough" option, which as near as I can tell wipes and re installs W8 totally.

With this squeaky-clean install on the SSD, I only loaded Calibre x64 and fired it up, intending to load one program at a time until it failed; if it would fail! I have now loaded all my critical programs and utilities and Calibre continues to perform w/o issue! And yes, I have the same plug-ins and settings as used in the previous installation that was failing.

It is a bit disconcerting to "not know why", but that is just my tech mindset and background! But, it is working w/o issue now, so onward and forward
If perchance I now load some obscure program or driver that causes it to fail, hopefully I am now in a position to narrow it down...

And kudos on a great job done on Calibre!!

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