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Originally Posted by booklover6 View Post
It shouldn't take hours to set Calibre up for the T2. A few simple least for the way mine is set up. (Well I have a T1 but I believe it's basically the same device). But maybe you wanted something more complicated. I have collections made from tags, and metadata plugins that show series information below the title of each book.
I was loading on some 1500 books. You try doing that with 'tags'! Totally unworkable. You end up with 10,000 collections!

I was using AuthorSort - and even that is a real pain. I really would like it to be <first letter of AuthorSort>/<AuthorSort>, and spent hours trying to do that. Gave up in the end. I also wanted to setup something that included Series in a meaningful way - gave up on that as well.

With just <AuthorSort> I think it ended up as several hundred collections.

At least it was not as painful as the Kindle (the original). You have to totally reboot after every attempt - and that takes ages!
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