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Complicated Library Transfer...

Hi All,

I'm in a mess here. I'm upgrading my OS several jumps (Ubuntu Linux), and am going to have to basically start over from scratch (fdisk, re-partition, format, etc)

I have several libraries (SciFi, Fiction, Horror, etc), each in its own directory (I just cringed at the thought of dumping all the books into one big box... like the old DOS days, when people just put everything into their root directory... "shudder").

These libraries are HUGE... one of 'em is in excess of 5000 books (not a typo...five thousand, though many are short stories, some as short as a few pages).

I'm soliciting thoughts on the best way to move this huge pile onto my USB external hard drive (1 TB), so I can re-load it when the wreckage is all carted away and the dust settles.

Would it be best to combine them all in some way NOW, before the transfer, or have I painted myself into a corner, and have to manually do each library with its attendant Calibre metafile?

By the way, I did all that segregating of genres while I was still very new to Calibre, and didn't yet trust it. I've grown much more comfortable with it over time, and will have no problem with dumping everything into one bin (except as the book count climbs, the speed begins dropping, *noticeably*).

Thanks for sharing your collective expertise; it's gratefully received and appreciated.

Bristol, NH

PS... in appreciation, the following URL (if you're not already aware of it: ; it's where the great majority of those books came from.

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